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Bex Afterhol
Owning my own business and being a busy mother of two children I constantly  have to be on the ball and well organised. I regularly have to attend client dinners and corporate events and be up ready to face the school run and work the next day.

Being married to a 6ft 5 Geordie and having a bunch of crazy family and friends that like to party means no respite at the weekend. Finding a balance between family, work, exercise and socialising is never easy. Like many parents, I have to be up in the mornings to take the kids to rugby, stage-school and swimming or whatever activities the kids have decided to partake in.  Like many I’ve stuffed my face with bacon sandwiches and drank copious amounts of coffee beside a rugby pitch on a cold Sunday morning to try to pull myself round without success. Then spent the rest of the day feeling sluggish and barely human!

Having recently turned 40, I noticed that the older I became the less able I was to bounce back after a night of over indulgence. I tried numerous remedies and products on the markets to recover from the night before but nothing worked. I know this is a common issue amongst many of my friends. Often facing a day of extreme fatigue and over eating on junk food and fizzy drinks to relieve the symptoms. I decided to look at what I could do and contacted a developer to come up with a solution but it had to be natural as I don't like artificial and sugary drinks. It also had to be low calorie.

I enlisted the services of Beverage Development Company. We worked together to discuss the various symptoms associated with over indulgence including nausea, fatigue and dehydration. Together we were able to create a combination of natural ingredients that tackled every symptom.

After a series of trials, testing with family and friends, and a lot of fun along the way to get the perfect formula,  Afterhol was launched. Every single one of them were amazed at the difference it made to their “bounce back” ability the next day.

The concept of Afterhol is an all-natural drink that helps you feel your best, so you no longer dread the next day but feel revitalised. Life is just too busy to spend it feeling rough. We made it because we needed it! You’re welcome!
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